Style #: KMB4
Knitted Mink Bag with 1 Flower
Style #: KMB1
Knitted Mink Bag with 3 Flowers
Style #: DRS029
Knitted Mink Shawn with Raccoon Trim
Style #: 99SF
Knitted Mink Scarf with Flower
Style #: 99S
Knitted Mink Scarf
Style #: 98R
Knitted Rabbit Scarf
Style #: 332R
Six Tail Fox Shrug with Rhinestones
Style #: 297M
Mink Trimmed Leather Gloves
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Dallas Fashion

Nobody Beats Dallas in QUALITY or PRICE. If you find any vendor in the U.S.A that offers you the same quality fur merchandise for less WE WILL beat their price on that fur item by 10% plus we will give you an additional 10% discount on your whole order, that's our guarantee.